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Family Law

Our family lawyers and divorce solicitors hold an unrivalled reputation for delivering an honest, caring and effective service. Coupled with our 91% success rate, we deliver the outcomes our clients want and deserve. 

We are committed to being there when you need us and offer one of the longest free initial consultations in London. Whether you just want to know your legal options, ease confusion, get answers to common questions or start a case, call us and we will assist in getting you back on track. 

With our Central London head office coupled with direct access to regional courts we serve clients across the South East,  Reading, Cambridge, Birmingham, Manchester, and Bristol. 

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Our Practice Areas

We are an independent boutique firm in Central London that specialises in English and international family law. We offer a bespoke service that provides practical legal advice alongside client care with your well-being in mind.

Our Special Approach

Settling Out of Court

At Grayfords, we aim to settle out of court whenever possible, allowing you to save time and money while reducing stress throughout this process. By approaching every case with transparency, we also make sure that you are always aware of your options.

Time for You

Unlike other firms, one thing that you will never hear from us is that we are too busy to answer your call. Through internal collaboration and dynamism, our team will ensure that there is always someone you can talk to when it comes to your case.

Partnered with the Best Specialists

Our close relations with many first-class experts in the fields of forensics, tax, property, and international family law mean that no matter how complex or multi-dimensional your case, we are able to help you, while ensuring legal advice of unparalleled quality.

Regular Catch-Up Strategies

At Grayfords, we are strategy experts. Therefore, we make sure to hold regular strategy catch-ups with our clients, allowing us to ensure that your case is being dealt with in the most efficient way and according to your standards.

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Our Leadership Team

Guided by principles of honesty, quality work and client service, our select leadership team is committed to producing the best results for clients. At Grayfords, our handful of renowned specialists are driven by the shared vision of success, not fees. Our wealth of knowledge in family law and commitment to clients ensures we deliver practical solutions to the most difficult situations.

Sheata Karim

Senior Partner

Mosope Osibona



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