Back To School: How To Create A Healthy Routine For Your Family

Getting into the back-to-school routine can be difficult for any parent but for those who are divorced or separated, it can present its very own unique set of challenges. In this article, we will reveal our top tips for separated parents to help reduce stress levels and ease children back into the term-time routine.

Ease your family into term-time routines in advance

No one likes changes to their routine, particularly when it involves early mornings and rushed breakfasts. It may sound obvious but slowly adding in elements of the school routine in the days leading up to the start of term, can help to reduce the chance of a stressful first day back.

Many parents have different holiday arrangements and term-time arrangements for where the children stay and when they see the other parent. If possible, start getting back into the term-time routines beforehand. Make sure you are both on the same page about how school routines will work. This way, you can avoid any unnecessary last-minute stress for you and your children.

Create a positive environment for your children to focus on their studies

If possible, work with your ex to ensure that you both have quiet spaces in your homes where your children can focus on their studies, wherever they are staying. Making sure they feel settled, and able to study wherever they are, will help them to adjust to both the new arrangement and the new school year.

Go to parents’ evenings together

Working together to support your children’s schooling can make a real difference to how well your children settle into their studies. If there are issues in school that need discussing with your children, talk to the children together, if possible.

Watch out for warning signs

Divorce and separation can affect children in many different ways. If you notice that your child’s grades are suffering or their behaviour in school has changed, this may be a warning sign that your child is not coping with the situation.

Keeping an eye on this, and seeking help as early on as possible, can stop issues from escalating.

If you are going through a divorce or separation and are unable to reach an agreement about child arrangements during term-time or the holidays, get in touch to book your free consultation with one of our experienced family solicitors to find out how we may be able to help.

Neil Graham, a Partner at Grayfords, comments as follows:  “Family break ups and separation are especially difficult for children who may often find themselves caught between their two parents or exposed to issues and arguments which should more properly be capable of being resolved responsibly between adults.  Shielding children from adult issues and providing them with a sense of stability and security will be key to minimising the breakdown of their parents’ relationship upon them.  Separated parents can work together in supporting their children in their development into and fulfilment of adulthood. Education is a crucial part of that process and ensuring that both parents have a say in which schools their children attend, regularly receive school reports, attend parents’ evenings and assist with homework and coursework will be of enormous benefit to their children. School also provides a familiar routine and a circle of friends for children and all schools have well established pastoral and safeguarding policies in place.”


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