Charity Focus: Relate

Relate are the UK’s leading relationship charity, with over 75 years of relationship support experience.

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Relate aim to develop and support healthy relationships by:

  • RelateHelping couples, families and individuals to make relationships work better
  • Delivering inclusive, high-quality services that are relevant at every stage of life
  • Helping both the public and policy-makers to improve their understanding of relationships and what makes them flourish.

Who do they help?

Relate can provide support to people who are single or in a relationship, straight or gay, young or old. Whatever your circumstances, they are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your relationships, no matter how big or small the issue.

What services do they offer?

Relate Centres across the UK

Relate has 82 Centres across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each Centre has a number of counsellors who, between them, may offer different specialisations and counselling in different languages. Centres also have professional training personnel on their teams.

Services reflect the needs of the communities Centres serve. A Relate Centre may be working in local schools or in partnership with other organisations such as charities or health authorities. They also often provide services to businesses and local government and contribute to local networks.

You will normally be expected to pay a fee if you visit a counsellor, however, Relate Centres are charities and don’t aim to make a profit from the services they provide, the fee is to cover the cost of sessions. Some Relate Centres offer subsidised counselling sessions.

Some Relate Counsellors work under license in private practice and set their own fees so ask your Relate Centre or counsellor about the costs of services.

Reveal – personality profiling 

Reveal is a personality profiler which uses a series of questions to identify your characteristics, what type of person you are and how you are likely to interact with others.

Using a Reveal report is a great way to stimulate discussion about how you relate to others in your relationships. It can be a good way of thinking about how you behave and how other people perceive you and what effects that can have. A Reveal report costs £19.99.

Email and Telephone

You can complete an online form about your relationship query, pay £28.50 and a Relate counsellor will email you a personal response, usually within 4 working days.

You can then have a follow-up consultation with the same counsellor or have a phone counselling session.

Telephone Counselling is just like having a face-to-face counselling session except you talk to a trained counsellor over the phone. You can arrange counselling sessions whenever is convenient for you.  To book a session see below.

Free Live Chat with a trained counsellor

Log on to the Relate website to talk to a trained counsellor online for free.

How do you contact Relate?

To find your nearest Relate Centre click here or call 0300 100 1234.

For a telephone counselling appointment call 0300 100 1234.



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