Civil Partners Can Convert To Same Sex Marriage From Today

Civil Partners can convert to Same Sex Marriage from today

same sex toppersGood news for those in existing civil partnerships as from today (10th December 2014) they can convert their partnership to a same sex marriage if they so wish.

Civil Partners in Scotland have a few more days to wait but will be able to convert from 16th December 2014.

Thanks to the changes those who are already married will be able to stay married if they wish and one or more changes their legal gender.

How to convert

Partners will have to provide information to their area’s Superintendent Registrar including names, dates of birth, profession and their father’s names and professions.

Conversion can be carried out in two ways:

  1. In a single stage process a Registrar will complete the paperwork at a local authority office and issue the couple with a conversion certificate. They walk away on the day as a married couple.
  2. A two stage process allows for paperwork to be completed in advance of a conversion at another venue, such as a hotel, stately home or religious building registered as a venue for same sex marriages.

Once the couple converts there is no change to their legal status and any existing wills remain unaffected. The marriage is deemed to have been in existence from the date the civil partnership took place. Civil partnerships will still be available to same sex couples.

Any couples entering into a civil partnership before 29th March 2014 can convert their partnership to a marriage within the first year if they use the single stage process. The two stage process is more expensive due to the requirement for the Registrar to travel away from their office but couples converting in the first year will receive a £45 discount on the price.

You should contact your local Register Office for more information about the arrangements and costs in your area. You can find your local Register Office here:


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