Coping With Redundancy In The Family

Covid-19 is changing our lives in ways that were unimaginable only a year ago. One of the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic is the effect it is having on economies around the world. Unfortunately, some people have, and will be, made redundant as a result of this disease. And this will have repercussions not just for them, but for their whole family too.

Dealing with losing a job

For many of us, what we do for a living is so much more than just a monthly salary. It gives us a sense of purpose, a reason to get up every morning and a place within the world. When someone loses their job, they can also lose their confidence and motivation. They can feel like they’ve let others down, and feeling that they are no longer able to contribute to the family income can be a real blow.

Redundancy can be a rollercoaster of shock, denial and even anger. And not just for the person who has lost their job. Talking openly about what is happening and forming plans together, as a family, can help to stop divides being created in what is already a difficult time.

Patience is key

Losing your job – even if you were expecting it – can be a real shock for both you and those around you. Be patient with yourself – and with your family. Tempers can – and most probably will – run high. But facing up to the problem together, can help you to move on quicker and become even stronger as a family than you were before.

Talk about it

Keeping your emotions bottled up can do more harm than good. Talk about your feelings and tell your partner if you’re struggling to cope.

It may seem silly but it can help to write down a list of the good things in your life at the beginning of every day. Starting off each day with a positive can really help to get you through this difficult time.

If your partner has lost their job, encourage them to talk about how they’re feeling. If their self confidence has suffered, remind them of all their good points and skills. Emphasise the positives in their life.

A redundancy in the family doesn’t have to result in a relationship breakdown

Unfortunately, the pressure of a partner being made redundant can put a lot of stress on the relationship and not all couples survive this.

Showing understanding, talking openly and being patient with each other, can help to ensure that you can weather the rough times and move forward into pastures new.

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