Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Your Family Lawyer?

We’ve all visited a website where a chat bot has popped up and asked us if we have any questions or would like any help making our purchase. In recent years, the customer service chat bot has become commonplace among online retailers. But while many believe that artificial intelligence (AI) may eventually replace lots of low-paid and unskilled jobs like customer service representatives, could AI ultimately replace your family lawyer? We take a closer look…

AI is all around us…

Most of us use AI in some form every day. Whether you ask Apple’s Siri to tell you the weather forecast, Amazon’s Alexa to play your music, or employ the anti-lock brakes in your car, these are all forms of AI.

Apps in our smartphones know everything from how far we’ve walked in any given day to the quality of our sleep the night before an interview.

AI has changed our lives and, in many instances, improved our lives for the better.

If we have a legal or medical problem, the first thing we’re likely to do is to Google the answer, rather than book an appointment with a solicitor or doctor.

So it follows, that it’s only a matter of time before AI replaces the need for a divorce lawyer altogether, right? In reality, it’s not that simple.

Could a robot give you legal advice?

The purpose of AI is to make machines that can perform human-like tasks. So, would a robot which gives legal advice regarding your divorce be possible? The answer is yes…and no.

Machines can do these human-like tasks – and even learn from experience – because they are fed large amounts of data. They then process this data and recognise patterns. AI does not mean that machines are (as of yet) capable of independent or creative thought.

In order to give tailored legal advice specific to your marriage and circumstances, it’s necessary to possess both of these qualities.

What’s more, AI does not have the emotional intelligence that is necessary to be a successful family lawyer.

Although AI could give you information from a statute or direct you to where to find a form – and in order to carry out tasks more efficiently, AI definitely should be used in a more administrative setting – it could not replace the sensitive, personalised advice that a good divorce lawyer can provide you with.

While AI is likely to continue to have an impact on all of our lives – as well as the legal profession – it seems, for the moment at least, replacing the traditional family lawyer with AI is just not possible – or desirable.

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