Judge Says Breakdown Of The Nuclear Family May Not Be A Bad Thing

FamilyLord Wilson of Culworth, a senior judge , has said that the breakdown of the nuclear family ‘may not be a bad thing’.

Lord Wilson, who has been sitting in the Supreme Court since 2011, made the controversial comments during a speech to the Medico-Legal Society in Belfast. He lamented the high divorce rate, but said that blended families were not always a bad thing.

“Death has always enabled the surviving spouse to remarry but the availability of divorce precipitates many more remarriages and in their wake come many more step-families and relationships of the half-blood,” Lord Wilson, 68, said.

“So the blended family now often replaces the nuclear family.”

“I am not convinced that it is a bad thing: might it not be healthier for children to learn at a very early age to cope with relationships in a mixed and wider family group?”

During his speech Lord Wilson spoke of his support for gay marriage, and the strengthening affect he believes the new laws will have on the institution of marriage.

“Far from destroying marriage, I think that to allow same sex couples into it strengthens it; but in my view the most important benefit of same sex marriage is the symbol that it holds to the heterosexual community … that each of the two types of intimate adult love is as valid as the other.

“The availability of marriage properly dignifies same sex love.” Lord Wilson said.


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