Keeping A Low-profile Divorce

Divorce can be a demanding, emotionally-fraught process, filled with tough conversations and difficult decisions. It’s no wonder then, that anyone going through the process would want to talk about their experiences and share their feelings on the matter. However, being selective about who you speak to and how you share your experiences is important.

Choose a trustworthy confidant

While bottling emotions inside is certainly not beneficial, neither is airing your grievances to anyone who might want to listen. The last thing you want is for the minute detail of your divorce to become common knowledge, and for what you’ve said – possibly when you’re extremely upset and angry – to get back to your soon-to-be ex-spouse and exacerbate the situation.

It’s therefore best to pick someone you trust and stick to talking in detail about your divorce with just one or two trusted people. Whether it’s your best friend, your sibling or a parent, choose a trusted person who you can talk to about what is happening and how you’re feeling.

Keep your divorce away from social media

While it can be tempting to post what is happening on social media, it’s important to resist this temptation. Not only can what you’ve said be shared among all of your friends and family (and beyond), anything you say could potentially be used as evidence against you in court.

Protect your children from your divorce details as much as possible

Once you have explained what is happening to your children (how much you tell them will largely depend on their age), try to keep the discussions and disagreements as far away from them as possible.

Although children should be encouraged to talk about how they are feeling about the divorce and any worries they may have, keeping them far from potentially painful arguments is important for their wellbeing.

Keeping a low profile on social media and talking only to trusted confidants can help to ensure that nothing distressing gets back to your children.

Get legal advice as early on in the process as possible

Understanding what a realistic divorce financial settlement and child arrangements may look like as early on as possible in the process, can help to avoid unnecessary arguments and costs further down the line.

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