Being a single parent can be difficult enough, even when you’re not enduring Covid-19 related restrictions. Now, with your friends and family not able to step in and help as they used to, day to day life may well at times feel somewhat overwhelming.  

So, In order to help you cope during these unprecedented times, here are our top tips for managing quarantine as a single parent.

Create a weekly timetable

Putting together a timetable helps to build structure and stability into what are very unpredictable times.

Whether it’s schoolwork, exercise or downtime activities, sit down on a Sunday evening and put together a plan for the week ahead. Not only will this help to keep your children focused and settled, but this structure will also help you and your children settle back into your regular routine once the crisis is over. .

No-one expects you to be super mum, Maths teacher, PE instructor, chef…

There’s no shame in just getting by. It’s unrealistic to expect to seamlessly step into the shoes of your child’s teacher (who has, by the way, spent many years training for their role).

We’re all trying to navigate uncharted waters and just staying afloat every day is enough. As long as your children are fed, watered and happy, missing a few hours of Maths lessons is not the end of the world.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

There’s no shame in saying you’re struggling. In fact, talking to others about your worries can help you to deal with them.

It can also help to read blogs or watch vlogs by other single parents in similar situations. You’ll then realise that you’re all facing many of the same problems.

Arrange virtual nights in with friends when the children are in bed

Just because you can’t go out, it doesn’t mean you should stop socialising. Arranging quiz nights or drinks with your friends and family on apps like Zoom, can help you to relax and get that all-important adult company.

Remember, you are not alone. Just because you can’t have the physical contact and help that you had from friends and family before, it doesn’t mean you should struggle through all by yourself.

Dealing with contact arrangements with your children and their other parent during quarantine can be difficult. Get in touch to speak to one of our specialist solicitors about how to manage child arrangements during lockdown.

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