Mariah Carey Set To Divorce

Mariah Carey and Nick CannonMariah Carey is set to divorce her husband of six years, Nick Cannon.

Mariah Carey’s six year marriage to Nick Cannon may be coming to an end if rumours of a separation are anything to go by. The couple have reportedly been living apart since May with contact limited to Cannon visiting their two children.

Mariah and Nick have been married since 2008 after dating for just two months and have traditionally renewed their vows every year. The couple are known to share numerous pictures on their social media accounts detailing married life and showing off their two young children. However, with Cannon and Carey not posting anything since November and June respectively, it seems the rumours of their separation may hold some truth.

Reports suggest that divorce lawyers have been negotiating property and financial settlements along with custody arrangements and that their divorce is more or a less a “done deal” . The couple have a number of properties and assets which are worth millions and Cannon will almost certainly want a chunk of Carey’s $500 million fortune.

It is reported that their jointly owned Bel Air mansion worth an estimated $13 million is on sale whilst they renovate their $10 million Tribeca loft. They also own a $5 million jet and a host of expensive cars; Cannon is worth an estimated $10 million.

Their respective fortunes have not, however, stopped both from working with Cannon reprising his role in the film Drumline 2: A New Beat and Carey is soon set to start an 11 date tour this October.

Guest post by Maria Javed.  Maria is an intern at Grayfords and has recently graduated from BPP Law School having completed the Legal Practice Course.  She is particularly interested in Family Law and Islamic issues.

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