Parents Chose Court Over Mediation For Child Cases

Ministry of Justice statistics show a drop in Family Court cases

justiceNew statistics released by the Ministry of Justice show that the number of cases in the Family Court fell by 19% compared to the same period last year. From April to June 2014 there were 57,720 cases concluded across England and Wales compared to 60,287 in the previous year.

Private law Children Act cases in which both parties were represented by solicitors or barristers fell by 40% compared to 2013. The statistics reveal that in all case types, where one or both parties had no representation the case took longer to be concluded compared to a case where both parties had representation. A total of 9,291 private law cases were started (41% down on the previous year).

27,726 couples filed for divorce in the period April to June 2014 while 27,726 decrees absolute were granted (this is the step in the divorce process that legally ends the marriage).

You can read the full statistical bulletin here.

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