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New report from Relate shows how the credit crunch links to relationship breakdownEmpty piggy

The UK economy might be on the mend, albeit slowly, but new research by Relate suggests that those couples who fared worst from the economic downturn are suffering serious relationship problems as a result.

Relate, a national organisation providing relationship support to couples, surveyed 20,000 people across the UK and found that those who suffered most from the recession were more likely to have experienced a deterioration in their relationships alongside their finances. The report notes that although the financial recession might be on the way out, a ‘social’ recession is still being felt across the country.

While relationships may be weakened in recession, relationships are also key to recovery. Good quality relationships can help people to enter, re-enter and remain in the workplace; support children and young people to achieve better educational outcomes; and enable young people to see through apprenticeships.

The report found that of those who had not suffered as a result of the recession, only 2% had suffered from relationship breakdown in the period since 2008 (when the recession took hold). Workers who bore the brunt of the recession and lost work opportunities were four times more likely to suffer broken relationships compared to those who had not been affected. Relate note that these likelihoods were after factors such as income level, social background, family situation, education and length of relationship had been taken into account.

Interestingly, the report states that relationship breakdown could actually increase as the recovery spreads because those who have experienced family problems can actually afford to take action:

The evidence also suggests that, unaddressed, the impact of the social recession is likely to continue – possibly even worsen – for some time after economic recession is over. This is because the cost of separation means that reduced relationship quality may only translate into increased relationship breakdown when financial conditions permit.

In light of the importance of relationships to economic recovery, Relate encourages politicians and policy-makers to put relationships front and centre when allocating funding and developing new policies.

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