“Father finally reunited with children”

“Father finally reunited with children”

The Charges:

Grayfords secured a high level of contact from no contact, for a father and his children, with minimal court costs and time, despite the children previously being exposed to significant ‘parental alienation’ by their mother.

“Divorcing wife keeps 100% of property”

“Divorcing wife keeps 100% of property”

The Charges:

Our solicitors successfully negotiated a settlement ring-fencing the wife’s pre-existing marital assets, and were able to ensure she was able to keep the family home

“Less cost and more success with Grayfords”

We settled with 1/3 less resources than opposing solicitors after taking a case from another firm. Following our advice, the wife secured financial independence through a large settlement

“Grayfords plays its part in upholding Father’s rights”

Our solicitors promptly prevented a father’s parental rights being undermined by his child’s mother in a case related to the child’s education

“Husband retains lion’s share of pre-marital assets”

Our settlement negotiation enabled the husband to retain the significant percentage of his assets built up as a result of his career in the City prior to the marriage

“Empowerment after abuse”

After being bullied and financially controlled, our client was finally able to look towards a brighter future. Financial matters were resolved rapidly after we sought out and made her aware of her financial claims.

“Higher divorce settlement from challenging the validity of a foreign marriage”

Through an international network, our cross border team launched a successful challenge leading to our client receiving a significantly more favourable financial settlement.

“Grayfords gets opposing side to pay legal fees for both parties”

Grayfords secured a substantial costs award for our client in long-running proceedings against a vindictive serial litigant following a successful fact-finding hearing

“A clean break divorce without litigation”

Complex marital assets were no barrier to reaching a fair settlement and clean break for our client. We expertly negotiated with a spouse and their lawyers to achieve success for our client and avoid a lengthy and antagonistic litigation process, leaving both parties better off.

“Divorce payout for client reduced through tax scheme”

Grayfords identified a significant IR35 tax liability, allowing the client to take financial advice upon it, and concluded a bespoke settlement enabling the client to mitigate tax liability whilst reaching the most efficient settlement of marital assets for them

“Mother and children remain in family home after divorce”

A successful and timely settlement ensured the mother and children of the family could continue to reside in the family home, minimising the impact of the breakdown of the relationship upon them and enabling the children to continue uninterrupted at their current schools

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