Rotherham Children Moved Due To Smacking

Rotherham children removed from family due to smacking

A Rotherham father has had his two young children removed from his care after maintaining that it was his right to smack them.

He claimed he had a right to smack his children on the arms, legs and bottom, using only his hands, given that the marks caused were not long-lasting.

Local Authority workers from Children’s Services deemed that he had ‘total control’ over the family with no prospect of him changing his behaviour, according to Judge Sarah Wright.

The Court held that the mother of the children, who are aged three and six months old, was unable to protect them.

The parents colluded to conceal the birth of the youngest child from their local Social Services team.The mother gave birth at a hospital outside her local area. The children’s mother maintained that their father was not aggressive or violent and had concealed the pregnancy for fear that she would be pressurised into an abortion she did not want.

The children are now in the care of their maternal uncle.

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