Berlusconi and LarioThe former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has finalised his divorce from Veronica Lario after 24 years of marriage.

It is rumoured that the 77 year old former politician now plans to marry Francesca Pascale, 28.

Berlusconi’s long marriage turned sour in  May 2009 when his former wife announced their separation by writing an open letter to the media stating that she couldn’t ‘remain with a man who cavorts with minors’.

Berlusconi’s colourful social life has been well documented in the press, and he is currently embroiled in three court cases, and last week went on trial for allegedly bribing a senator.

The former premier is also appealing a prison sentence for having sex with an underage 17-year-old prostitute and abuse of office, and another for leaking a confidential police wiretap.

Although the divorce has been finalised, Berlusconi and Lario are still in dispute over the financial settlement, following a long and bitter legal battle.

An Italian court initially awarded Lario, who has three children with Berlusconi, €3million a month but the amount was subsequently reduced to €1.4million after an appeal.

Lario has launched a counter appeal against that decision, with the final ruling yet to be delivered.


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