Spotlight: Still Jenny From The Block


It’s always handy to be able to relate to someone who is, or has been been through similar struggles, especially someone in the public eye, like our very own J-Lo.

This week, we look at how Jennifer Lopez not only got over her ex-husband Marc Anthony, but has become more successful as a result.

J-Lo’s 7-year marriage to singer and music producer Marc Anthony ended in 2014. Her struggle post-divorce is shown in her recent documentary, Dance Again, which depicts the Hollywood star in a completely different light: vulnerable and emotional. Despite her documented times of turmoil, just a year after her breakup, J-Lo’s inner diva was resurrected and she sold out her world tour.

She has also done a great job with keeping a steady co-parenting relationship with the father of her children. For example, they both cordially agreed to shared custody of their 9-year-old twins. Both singers have also agreed to shield their children from the eye of the paparazzi and reporters, and no spousal support was asked for by either party.

Marc Anthony’s appearance in the final stop of her world tour in Puerto Rico left fans thrilled, and shows how the two can maintain a healthy working relationship, as well as a parental one. On Lopez’s recent appearance in the daytime show, The View, she has also revealed that the duo are currently working on a Spanish album together. Having first met Anthony when the pair worked together musically, she has expressed how a professional relationship with her former husband is one she is able to maintain, even after having been romantically involved.

Despite the turbulent times J-Lo has faced in her personal life, Forbes magazine recently listed her as the 11th highest paid female celebrity in the past year, with earnings of an estimated $38 million.

Jennifer Lopez is no stranger to the screen as well as the stage and she has built up first a successful movie career and now a successful TV career. J-Lo has taken on the role of a judge in several competitions shows such American Idol USA and new dance competition World of Dance, in which she serves as an executive producer. Producing seems to be a new passion of hers: she produces and stars in NBC drama series Shades of Blue, which has received wide critical success and been renewed for a third series. In recent weeks, J-Lo has reported that she is now producing and starring in a new romantic comedy series entitled ‘Second Act’.  She said that it is a story that ‘empowers the every-woman to do more, to be more, and not limit their dreams.’ One might say this is reflective of her new phase in life post-divorce.

J-Lo then hasn’t allowed her divorce to put a kink in her career path. However, we can also say her romantic life has been positive post-divorce. Her current love interest is former New York Yankees baseball player Alex Rodriguez, the two are popularly known as J-Rod. The couple made their first red carpet debut at the Met Gala in May, and Rodriguez has described J-Lo as an ‘amazing girl’.

It is safe to say that Jennifer Lopez’s career and personal life are going from strength to strength post-divorce. Her working relationship with Marc Anthony, accompanied with his involvement in their children’s lives and J-Lo’s wide-ranging work after their split shows us that while painful, this breakup has in no way hindered her or her family’s ability to progress into the future. If anything, it has improved it. Jennifer Lopez is a clear example of how there is a life after divorce, maybe even a better one.


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