The End Of Brangelina…

Last Tuesday, Angelina Jolie unleashed some shocking news regarding the Jolie-Pitt family – that it was headed for divorce.  This news story caused a media frenzy and was blowing up all over the internet worldwide when it emerged that Jolie had filed divorce papers at an LA courthouse.  Some sources even reporting that the news of divorce blindsided her husband, Brad Pitt. All the world’s media outlets, tabloids and gossip sites want an answer to what went wrong with the world’s most famous power couple?angelina_jolie_brad_pitt_cannes

Did Pitt cheat on Jolie? If so, who was the other woman? Or has karma has finally caught up with the couple, given how Mr. and Mrs. Smith initially hooked up?  At first there was speculation by some sources that there was a romance between Pitt and his co-star Marion Cotillard. However, those rumours were quickly laid to rest when it was confirmed that Collitard is in a committed relationship and is expecting with her long term partner Guillaume Canet. And, of course, what’s not surprising is the media were quick to drag Jennifer Aniston back into the Brangelina drama, even though she’s moved on and is happily married.


While the legal proceedings cited that it was ‘irreconcilable differences’ that caused the marriage to break down, it was later suggested that the pair’s marked  differences in parenting styles which prompted Jolie to initiate the divorce proceedings and ask for sole custody of their six children. Today, we take a closer look at what the media has reported about the couple’s split.There was an alleged incident on the family’s private jet where Pitt, variously reported to be drunk, high on drugs or both, was reported to have been abusive towards the children.  More specifically, sources like TMZ have reported that Pitt was ‘verbally abusive and physical’ with his eldest son, Maddox.  However, other sources have reported that there was an argument originally between Jolie and Pitt and their son intervened.  Some media sources even claim that there is video evidence of the incident on the jet which Jolie plans to use against Pitt.  Other tabloids suggested that Jolie was tired of Pitt’s partying lifestyle and did not agree with his parenting style.

According to Pitt’s statements, he has made a request for privacy but has not commented about what really went on in the private jet. Sources state that Pitt is very distraught and saddened by this news. However, what he is most concerned with is the well-being of their children. He also feels that what is being said about him being a bad father is not fair or accurate.

As we continue to check in daily for new updates regarding the end of Brangelina, one wonders whether the couple will continue to battle out custody so publicly? If both truly care about the wellbeing of their children, then perhaps they will opt to mediate an agreement out-of-court or pay for a private hearing before a judge – as both options are available under California law. On the plus side for Pitt, California law generally tends to favour joint custody and may even take into account the wishes of children.  However, it is doubtful whether it is really in the best interests of the children to ‘pick sides’ when it comes to their parents. But it should be noted that custody agreements reached under California law will be enforceable overseas, so the couple’s worldwide travel for movies. humanitarian work projects and their multiple homes would all have to be factored into their parenting plans.

Given that both Jolie and Pitt are mega movie stars in their own right, their combined wealth has been estimated at over $500 million.  Therefore, another question on the minds of the public is whether there was a prenup or not? Unfortunately, the divorce filing did not reveal this information but under California law, only assets acquired during their marriage must be split equally.  But what’s unclear is the fact that the couple had been living together unmarried for years before their marriage, what happens to those assets and how will they be divided?  We will all have to keep checking our social media updates to find out the latest scoop.

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