With lockdown 2 now well underway, many people across the country are experiencing a second wave of feeling lonely, anxious and worried. For families going through divorce or separation, the second lockdown is bringing its own unique set of challenges.

Here at Grayfords, we believe that the mental health of our clients – and their children – has to be one of the top priorities.

Child contact arrangements during the lockdown

The government has confirmed that children will still be able to go between the homes of separated parents during this lockdown.

If one parent refuses to let the other continue to have contact and there is a Child Arrangement Order in place, then the parent who is unable to see the child can apply to the Court for the order to be enforced.

If you are being denied contact with your child, this can be very distressing for both you and the child. Going to court can often be very stressful and expensive. That’s why our expert family lawyers are making it a priority to work with parents during these difficult times to find a solution that works for the whole family.

Seek advice as soon as possible

Whether you’re going through a divorce, separation or trying to agree child contact arrangements, seeking legal advice early on can help to ensure that any issues are ironed out, before they grow into bigger problems.

What’s more, if you do end up in court further down the line, you can show that you took action to attempt to resolve the issue before it got to that stage.

Communication is key

Keeping communication lines open and talking through any worries you may have, can really help to stop you from feeling isolated and alone. Whether you talk to a friend, a family member or your solicitor, it’s crucial to deal with any issues head on, before they become bigger. It’s important to know that if you’re struggling, there is support for you out there – albeit in a different form, such as video calling or via the telephone.

Looking after yourself – and your children – both mentally and physically during these challenging times, is the top priority.

Our specialist family lawyers are available for video consultations, so you can get access to the legal advice you need during the pandemic. Get in touch to book your free initial consultation today.

Neil Graham, a Partner at Grayfords, comments as follows:  “It is never easy, when a relationship breaks down, trying to ensure that any children of that relationship enjoy the right to a close and loving relationship with both their parents.  However, it is even harder when there is the added difficulty of ensuring compliance with the restrictions that apply from time to time during the pandemic. The key should always be ensuring that the children’s best interests are met so that they are not caught in the middle of any disputes between their parents or the practical difficulties caused by the lockdown restrictions, whether that be as a result of finding respectful and constructive ways to communicate around the arrangements or imaginative ways to ensure that contact still goes ahead without breaching any lockdown or tiered restrictions. The one positive aspect of the pandemic is that many resources have now been unlocked via remote platforms either in the form of Zoom contact sessions, mediation on line, legal advice via on line media or, as a last resort, remote Court hearings thanks to the ingenuity and dedication of the Court staff and the judiciary.  Like many organisations we are able, at Grayfords, to offer you an initial Consultation via Zoom. There are also some helpful resources below.”

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