The Number Of Divorces Likely To Surpass The Number Of Weddings

Weddings and civil partnerships in England have been able to go ahead since last weekend, albeit under strict rules. With only 30 people allowed at ceremonies (including the couple, their witnesses and any staff, such as wedding photographers) and receptions limited to only two households being able to meet indoors, there’s no doubt that some couples will decide to put off their wedding plans until next summer. After all, a wedding with social distancing restrictions is not the big celebration most couples envisioned for their big day.

Since the start of lockdown on 23 March and up until 4 July, weddings in England were not allowed to proceed under nearly all circumstances.

In Wales, it’s a similar story, with venues having to follow social distancing measures if they want to hold weddings.

As a result of the initial ban and the subsequent restrictions that have been put in place in both countries, it could be that there will be more divorces than weddings in 2020 in England and Wales.

Add to this the fact that many couples have been forced to spend much more time together than ever before during lockdown and you could have the perfect storm. Whereas normally there would be work to go to, school drop offs and pick-ups to organise and evenings out with friends and family, many couples have been staring at each other – and the same four walls – for just over 3 months now.

Of course, not every couple will come out of lockdown and head straight out to file the divorce papers. But there’s no doubt that spending such a large amount of time together, can put a strain on even the strongest relationship.

Indeed, only a few weeks ago, Sky News reported that a law firm had seen a 40% rise in divorce inquiries during the lockdown.

Here at Grayfords, we have seen a surge in demand for our complimentary video consultations and our divorce lawyers have been working hard to help a large number of clients through this difficult time.

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