Will A Second Lockdown Impact Your Family And Relationship?

As England enters its second national Covid lockdown and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland continue their respective restrictions, many of us will be heading into winter with a sense of foreboding.

Will lockdown be easier to deal with second time around, as we know what to expect? Or are you worried what the weeks ahead will do to your relationships with those closest to you? We take a look at how to handle lockdown part 2.

Lockdown = loss

Whether it’s the loss of someone you know due to Covid, the loss of being able to see your family and friends or the loss of a job (and an income), we’re all having to deal with loss in some way or another.

Recognising and dealing with feelings of grief, frustration and anger is crucial, in order to be able to move on and begin to cope with the ‘new normal’. It’s important to understand that you are not alone, these feelings are absolutely normal and many people are experiencing them. What is happening is outside of you – and much of it is outside of your control. Processing how you feel is vital, in order to make sure your relationship isn’t affected.

Communication is key

Talking about what you’re feeling with your other half – and listening to how they feel – can not only help to alleviate your stress, but also bring you closer together with your partner.

If you’re both stuck at home and finding that you’re irritating each other, sit down and discuss how to make the situation more bearable – and maybe even enjoyable. You could, for example, each name three things that the other could do to help ease any tension. Often, we bottle up our feelings hoping that something will change before we have to deal with them. However, confronting them head on and making positive changes can make a real difference.

Seek help if you need it

Whether it’s talking your worries through with a family member or taking part in online couple counselling, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re struggling.

Likewise, if you feel it is time to move on and are considering getting a divorce, book an appointment with one of our family lawyers to discuss the implications – legal and otherwise.

It is perfectly normal to struggle during lockdown and to feel stressed and worried about what the future holds.The sooner you reach out to someone – whether that’s just to talk or to get legal advice – the sooner you can begin to deal with making the best of a bad situation.

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