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We put your children’s wellbeing first just as you would.

At Grayfords, we understand the need to prioritise your children’s wellbeing when going through a divorce or separation. Our solicitors are specialists in child matters and want to help you achieve exactly that.

Whether you are concerned about visitation, residency, or maintenance, we have the experience and expertise to make sure your rights as a parent are protected. Let us help you with whatever you need – whether that is filling out the paperwork, negotiating, or going to court – and work tirelessly to ensure that your wishes are being considered and your family is being taken care of.

At Grayfords, our child custody solicitors, who specialise in child support law, understand the importance of prioritizing your children’s well-being during a divorce or separation. Our team of specialists, experienced in child custody for fathers and child custody for mothers, is dedicated to helping you achieve exactly that.

We have extensive experience and expertise in all child matters, including visitation, residency, and maintenance. Our family solicitors work tirelessly to protect your rights as a parent and ensure that your family is taken care of. We understand the significance of parental access rights and can guide you on how to get custody of your child.

Whether you need assistance with paperwork, negotiation, or court representation, our child custody lawyers are here to help. At Grayfords, we provide personalized legal solutions tailored to your unique needs, including matters related to parental responsibility.

Don’t let the stress of child custody issues overwhelm you. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our child custody lawyers, who specialise in child support law, child custody for fathers, child custody for mothers, and parental access rights. Take the first step towards securing your family’s future.

We handle the broad issues concerning child matters, including:

  • Child contact and residence
  • Grandparents and Grandchildren
  • Financial Matters
  • Child abduction
  • Parental responsibility

Frequently asked questions

Grayfords solicitors can advise you on the process of deciding on child residence and contact arrangements (also known as custody). We can help by negotiating with the other parent, making applications to court and advocating on your behalf.

Whatever your concern, we are always ready to act. Our solicitors are expert negotiators and have immense experience in child custody cases, which means that they are more than equipped to secure the outcome you deserve.

Parental Responsibility refers the legal authority to make decisions which relate to a child’s upbringing. “An individual who has been granted Parental Responsibility is to be considered the parent of the child.

Determining and providing for the child’s education, determining the child’s religion and consenting to the child’s medical treatment or marriage are among the many important rights and duties of individuals assigned this responsibility.

Firstly, legal responsibility should not be confused with legal parenthood, which can only be held by two individuals at any given time. During a child’s minority, different individuals can hold Parental Responsibility, and while a court can award it to or remove it from someone, the same is not true for legal parenthood.

Parental Responsibility is automatically conferred on all mothers as well as on the person married or civilly partnered to the mother at the time of the child’s birth. An unmarried parent can also acquire it if the same is named on a child’s birth certificate, through later agreements between parents, or through a Court Order.

As such, Parental responsibility is automatic if the child’s parents are married, while step-parents are able to acquire it either with the consent of both parents or as a result of a Court Order.

It should be noted that Parental Responsibility does not affect succession, citizenship or domicile.

Current laws unfortunately do not specify automatic rights that should be granted to grandparents when it comes to visiting and spending time with their grandchildren. As such, child contact involving grandparents will need to be agreed on by individuals holding Parental Responsibility.

Nevertheless, this is not to say that following a complicated divorce, grandparents will be unable to see their grandchildren. At Grayfords, we understand the special bond that grandparents and grandchildren tend to hold, and we want to help maintain it, if possible.

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