Switch Guarantee

If you are unhappy in your current firm, or simply want a change, then book your free consultation with us.

Sometimes it takes more than one try to find the right law firm, whether it is the team, the costs or you are just in need of a fresh strategy.  

The road from rival firms to Grayfords is well trodden, possibly because of our simple mantra – to provide clients with the best legal strategy at a reasonable price.

Our Switch Guarantee ensures you will have a seamless case transfer with our lawyers picking up exactly where you are on your case with no delay or disruption to your progress. We apply significantly reduced fees for any pre-reading time. We will give you a transparent detailed costs estimate which, in our experience, is often lower than your previous firm’s as we assign tasks to fee-earners in accordance with the complexity of each task, so you are not, for example, being charged Partner rates for more straightforward actions.

Grayfords will guarantee a smooth switch from your existing firm, and endeavour to maximise the outcome once you transfer your case to us.

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