Climate Change Action

At Grayfords, we have another passion – climate change – and are doing something no other law firm is doing today

The Grayfords Forest – One client, One tree 

Trees are the lungs of the earth and play a fundamental role in the storage of carbon dioxide and in the production of oxygen. We believe in the using the force of nature to help the world to net zero. 

Generally, a tree can absorb an average of 25 kg of CO2 per year, so planting and protecting trees represents a vital action to combat the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

Planting and protecting trees is so simple, but such an incredible way to stop global warming thanks to their ability to absorb carbon and produce oxygen. 

We are using our 10th anniversary year in 2023 as an opportunity to celebrate our clients and colleagues. Our forest, located in Clapham Park, Bedfordshire, already boasts hundreds of trees, and we are planting one tree for every client of our firm.   

For every case that concludes, a tree is planted on behalf of our client, anonymously or not, choice is theirs. The location and pictures of the tree are provided as well as an invitation to visit the tree.

We are looking forward to seeing our forest continue to grow and to sharing every milestone with you.

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