One Divorce Every Five Minutes During Recession

Top 5 stories from our divorce blog in 2014

We’ve covered a lot in our divorce blog this year.  Take a look at our top 5 most popular posts:

We’re all used to hearing about the huge divorce settlements agreed between the mega rich but January saw a slightly more unusual settlement being offered: eighty three pounds! After previously offering his wife a multi-million pound settlement Christopher Nightingale made a somewhat lower offer.

You can read more about it here:Millionaire offers wife just £83 in divorce settlement

In February a Scandinavian medical journal published a study suggesting that the stress of the IVF process could actually cause relationships to breakdown at the very time couples are trying to build their relationships:

IVF treatment increases risk of divorce, new study shows

Another surprising divorce and finance story emerged in March as a man filed for divorce from his wife because he was tired of being rich! Xiu Li became a billionaire almost overnight after a series of successful business deals in China but husband Tom Hawken found the couple’s new lavish lifestyle too much for his more frugal tastes.

Man divorces billionaire wife because he didn’t want to be rich

A man asked a London court to amend a £60,000 per month divorce settlement he signed in error after forgetting to put on his glasses.

Man “not wearing his glasses” when he signed £60,000 a month divorce papers

And last but not least, something divorce solicitors have suspected for a while, the credit crunch DID cause the divorce rate to rise and a great many more relationships than usual to break down.

New report from Relate shows how the credit crunch broke up relationships

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