Miss Malaysia’s £500million Divorce Branded ‘out Of Control’ By Judge

Government’s proposed increase to the divorce court fee scrapped


The government has scrapped plans to increase divorce court fees in a move welcomed by solicitors.

The proposed new fee was a whopping £750 (almost double compared to the current divorce court fee of £410), the aim being to make a dent in the £150 million deficit in running costs chalked up by the Civil and Family Courts each year.

The average cost of an uncontested divorce in terms of court and judicial administration is £270 – though of course this has to be balanced against divorces that take longer and involve more administrative support from court staff.

There is already evidence that lack of funds is forcing couples to stay together in spite of being unhappy and Resolution, the family law organisation, voiced concern that an increased court fee would force couples to stay together in broken marriages which was “not in the best interests of children”.

No doubt Resolution, along with couples considering a divorce in the near future, will also welcome the news that the proposed fee increase has been scrapped.

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