Jodie Foster Marries Girlfriend

Jodie FosterThe Hollywood actress Jodie Foster has married her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison.

Ms Hedison is an actress and photographer who started dating Jodie Foster a year ago, reports say.

The latest gay celebrity wedding took place last weekend, although the location of the ceremony is not known. However, since Ms Foster lives in California, one of the 17 states in America where gay marriage is legal, it is likely that the couple chose to marry close to home.

Jodie Foster publicly came out as gay in a speech at last year’s Golden Globe Awards, although she has been in long term relationships with women for many years.

Ms Foster and her former partner Cydney Bernard, with whom she had two sons, ended their 20-year relationship in 2008.

Jodie Foster’s new wife, Ms Hedison, has been linked to US comedian and chat-show host Ellen DeGeneres, who she reportedly dated for several years.

Jodie Foster’s film career has been long and successful, seeing her featured in over 40 films. Starting out in television commercials at the age of three, she found international fame in 1976 for her Oscar-nominated performance as teenage prostitute Iris in Taxi Driver.

 Later in her career she won two best actress Oscars for her role as a rape victim in the 1988 film The Accused and as the FBI agent Clarice Starling in 1991’s The Silence of The Lambs.

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