‘lost Marriage Certificate?’ In The Divorce Magazine

lost marriage certificateSheata Karim has been published in The Divorce Magazine again!

Sheata’s newest article in The Divorce Magazine is about what people should do if they’ve lost their marriage certificate. This is a common problem for the clients of family solicitors so Sheata felt compelled to write an article that clearly explains how you can rectify this. Her article can be found here.

This is Sheata’s second article for The Divorce Magazine, which publishes advice and opinion by experts in the divorce sector. We highly recommend that anyone going through a separation or divorce should read this online news forum as they also share many first-hand stories.

An excerpt from Sheata’s article:

If you are going through a divorce you will be asked to supply your marriage certificate to the court. It is important that you supply this document so that the divorce can be processed officially and legally. However, many clients do find that they have misplaced their marriage certificate over time and often ask if it is necessary to provide it – unfortunately, it is.

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