One In Three Families Has A Stepchild, Study Shows

ChildrenNearly one in three families in the UK now have a stepchild, a new study has shown.

 The Family Finances Report was carried out by Aviva and included a study of over 20,000 people.

 Sarah Poulter of Aviva told the Daily Mail: ‘This research shows that there is no “normal” family any more. What was seen as the traditional model is becoming more and more diverse.’

 ‘It is now quite usual for a child to have three parents, and to live in a family that includes step-parents, half-brothers and half-sisters.’

 The results of the study showed that 30 percent of present two-parent families include a child from a previous relationship.

 One cause of this change in family dynamics is thought to be the rise in popularity of couples living together rather than marrying.

 The study showed that 49 percent of adults living with a partner, spouse or children have had at least one past relationship that they regarded as committed – either a marriage or cohabitation.

Latest official figures say that there are around 5.7million families with children under the age of 16, or under 18 and still in school. In just over two thirds of these – around four million – the parents are married.

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