Incredible 91% Success Rate

We are intensely passionate about our work. Our incredible success rate across cases attests to our strong commitment to fight for, protect, and deliver what is in our clients’ best interest.

Longest Free Consultation

We are a constant and reassuring presence that takes the time to learn about you. To better understand your story, we offer one of the longest free consultations of any top boutique family law firms in the city.

Lowest Fee

We are results focused, not fee focused. We offer clients exceptionally competitive rates. On average, we won’t charge you for 15 percent of the work we do.

The Family Law Specialists

Grayfords is a family law firm based in the heart of London. Whether your case concerns English or international family law matters, we can help you. At Grayfords, we recognize that our clients may experience emotional distress when they come to us, which is why we take an empathic and personal approach in all of our cases. We are renowned for our customer care, wealth of knowledge and expertise across a wide range of areas of family law.


Our reliable experts minimise the stress and worry associated with your divorce and will allow you to focus on your family and your future.

Child Matters

Whether you are concerned about visitation, residency or maintenance we have the experience and expertise to make sure your rights as a parent are protected.

Financial Settlements

At Grayfords we have a long history of delivering favourable financial settlements to our clients.

International Assets

We can help you to secure international assets, as well as make sense of complex trust and company law.

Domestic Abuse

If you are experiencing domestic violence or harassment, we can advise on the ways you can use the law to protect yourself.


At Grayfords we can draft a cohabitation agreement that is tailored to the specific needs of each of you and the requirements of your relationship.

Same-Sex Relationships

Grayfords can advise you on a range of LGBT+ matters in family law.

Prenuptial Arrangements

We tailor the agreement to fit the unique aspects of your relationship.

91 %
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Our Leadership Team

Guided by principles of honesty, quality work and client service, our select leadership team is committed to producing the best results for clients. At Grayfords, our handful of renowned specialists are driven by the shared vision of success, not fees. Our wealth of knowledge in family law and commitment to clients ensures we deliver practical solutions to the most difficult situations.

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