Solution-Oriented Reputation Management

At Grayfords, our mission is to help you build the foundation for the new life you deserve. This fundamentally includes making sure that your interests are constantly protected. In other words, we aim to protect your name, your family’s name, and that of any businesses which you might own.

Divorce may lead to allegations and assertions being made so as to cause harm to your reputation. A single Facebook post, incredibly easy to create and with little to no accuracy checks, can cause irreparable damage if not identified quickly enough and managed properly. This is why we designed a unique Reputation Management service for our clients – to help them ensure that this type of content does not affect their private life or professional endeavours.

Reputation Management

24/7 Free Reputation Monitoring

Our innovative software tools are configured to provide 24/7, worldwide coverage of any threats that may be detrimental to one's interests. All Grayfords clients are offered this service free of charge throughout the whole life of their case, whether that takes 2 weeks or 2 years.

We show our concern for our clients’ personal and professional wellbeing through actions, not just words. As such, our holistic approach is designed to actively protect you, your family and your business from any threat that may come up. Our technology constantly tracks social media platforms and the internet as a whole for any mentions of your name so that we can act accordingly if these do show up. We can identify a series of threats, including:


Fake News

Refers to the deliberate creation and spreading of false information under the name of legitimate journalism.

Profile Cloning

When fake accounts are used to discredit an individual, either by impersonating said individual or having a connected person do so.

Revenge Porn

Refers to the sharing of another person’s private sexual content without their consent, with the intended purpose of causing discomfort or damage to said person’s life.

Data Breaches

When personal information is posted online without consent, for example after an attack on an individual email account or a company’s network.

Pragmatic and Effective Reputation Protection

Once a threat has been identified, it is essential that the damaging information is removed as quickly and effectively as possible.
By working with our Technology & Specialist Legal partners, our solicitors are able to select and deploy one or more of the following approaches:

Content Takedowns

Means targeting the relevant website, social media platform and/or search tool.

Right to be Forgotten

Refers to the formalised process to request Google and other search engines to remove damaging material.

ICO complaint

Issuing a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office may assist with proceedings, given that the latter is a regulatory office responsible for upholding information rights in the public interest.


Actions involving defamation, misuse of private information or a complaint under the Data Protection Act 1998 can result in a court order requesting that the material is removed.