Social Media Prenup Clauses Increase In Popularity

KimyeSolicitors are seeing an increase in demand for social media clauses to be included in prenups.

The typical clauses that are being added to prenups state that a spouse will not post nude pictures or other professionally damaging content to social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

The trend for social media clauses seems to have started in the US and has been utilised by many celebrities and other high net worth individuals.

Earlier this year, reality celebrity Kim Kardashian and US pop star Kanye West tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in the South of France; the star studded wedding was covered extensively in the worldwide press.

However, before the two celebrities got married they both signed a prenup which included a clause limiting and defining how each spouse could use social media.

Social media clauses – not just for Kimye

It now seems that social media clauses are not just for the rich and famous; solicitors are reporting that more people in the UK are requesting that social media clauses be included in prenups and postnups.

For professionals or business owners, maintaining a good reputation is very important. More people are now aware of the risks associated with careless social media use. Irresponsible posts or tweets can cause irrevocable career or business damage.

TwitterSocial media and divorce – beware!

The increasing popularity of social media clauses in prenups and postnups highlights how important online reputation is in today’s media savvy world.

Anyone who is considering a separation or divorce should be particularly wary of sharing too much information online as it may at some point come back to haunt you.

The way in which you present yourself in the virtual world can have very real consequences. What you and others post online can be seen not only by family and friends, but also employers and anyone else who is interested enough to find it.

The rules about what is and isn’t admissible in court are complicated, however, you do not want to put yourself in a position where it would be easy for the other side or their lawyer to prove that you are being untruthful about your finances or lifestyle.

Top Tips on social media:

  • Consider your privacy settings carefully.
  • Don’t post, Tweet, or share anything that you wouldn’t say in person to the whole world, to be remembered forever.
  • Be wary of adding or friending anyone you don’t know.

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