Spotlight On J-lo And A-rod: Happy Ever After?

It’s official: iconic singer Jennifer Lopez and baseball star Alex Rodriguez make the most beautiful couple.

Spotted only last weekend leaving Cartier in Miami, looking effortlessly cool in their matching sunglasses, we couldn’t help but wonder whether wedding bells would be sounding any time soon. And we’re not the only ones. The press have been speculating for a while now that they could be about to tie the knot.

 Reportedly dating since early 2017, it seems that whether they choose to walk down the aisle or keep things the way they are, J-Lo and A-Rod are completely loved-up. Is this the happy ever after that we all want for them? Only time will tell. Unfortunately, in the celebrity world, like in the world of us mere mortals, there is always an ex.

A-Rod’s battle with his ex?

According to TMZ, A-Rod is still paying his ex-wife, Cynthia Scurtis, spousal support payments. He reportedly now wants to reduce the support payments as, according to the news website, his income has “plummeted”.

Indeed, TMZ reported that its sources had revealed that he’s been paying $115,000 per month, for both spousal and child support, since the divorce in 2008. TMZ said that he has been “locked in a spousal/child support war” with his ex “for months”.

J-Lo has had her fair share of ex troubles, too…

It seems that J-Lo’s path to find true love may not have run so smoothly, either. According to the MailOnline, J-Lo’s second husband, Cris Judd, was going to be paid £10 million “for his silence” after their relatively short marriage.

Plus, in 2016, the Mirror reported that J-Lo had described her divorce from her third husband, Marc Anthony, as the “biggest disappointment” of her life.

J-Lo and A-Rod – a match made in heaven? 

Have J-Lo and A-Rod finally found love together? If they do choose to get married, it won’t be the first time either of them have walked down the aisle. Or, maybe this time, they won’t want to risk another divorce and will steer clear of marriage altogether. We’ll just have to wait and see but we hope that they can finally find happiness together.

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