couple break-upThe 2 year 9 month itch has replaced the famous 7 year itch, a new study has shown.

Couples today are more likely to break up sooner, with the average relationship length of those who took part in the survey being 2 years 9 months. The abundance of social media is being blamed for the breakdown of relationships.

Over half of those involved in the study believed that social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter had played a part in the destruction of their relationship.

34 percent of people asked said that their ex-partner met someone new online. 17 percent of people confessed that they felt their partner spent too much time online and not enough time talking to them.

The study was conducted by and included 1,953 UK adults who had all ended a serious relationship or marriage within the past two years.

The relationship Charity OnePlusOne has spoken out in support of the notion that social media can erode couple’s quality time and lead to problems developing in a relationship.

Hannah Green from OnePlusOne, told the Daily Mail: ‘Spending time together and communicating well with your partner is of great importance for building healthy and lasting relationships. “

‘With technology now being constantly available we may need to find time to put down the computers and smartphones and to actually concentrate on each other. Even one hour a day of quality time can make a huge difference to the quality of a relationship.


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