Over the past twelve years the number of couples deciding to either separate or divorce has steadily increased, whilst the age of wedlock has continued to rise.

At the centre of the increasing divorce rate are the over 45’s. The Office of National Statistics shows an increase from 2002- 2014 with the largest percentage of divorcees between the ages of 50 to 64 in

With the younger generation comes a new and progressively open perspective. Unlike previous perceptions of the subject, there is no longer any social stigma attached to the decision to divorce, which is why cohabitation and the decision to divorce is becoming increasingly prominent in today’s society.

Cohabitation is now noticeably growing among most couples in their 30’s, not only due to the modern attitude to marriage but also because finances aren’t as flexible as they used to be.

Couples often think that living together for a period of time gives them certain rights if they were to separate, yet this is not at all the case. Without marriage, there is no straightforward legal framework which can make break-ups for unmarried couples complicated and costly.  Cohabitation agreements, also known as ‘Living together agreements’, are a simple and quick way to avoid any unwanted confusion over assets if a couple were to split.

Living together agreement: A living together agreement, also called a cohabitation agreement, is not a legally binding contract.  It does however give clarity to what is agreed between the parties in the event that they split and will be a persuasive piece of evidence in court.  If the agreement is followed it can save significant costs by helping the couple avoid court.

This changing perception is heavily influencing the older generation as couples realise that even after a marriage as long as forty or more years, it’s completely possible to lead a happy and enriched life after separating.

There are a plethora of resources and support for single individuals of every type. Social Media is the biggest contributing addition to bringing people together who share hobbies and interests of every nature.

This new awareness and approach to divorce is taking the pressure off all relationships and reinforces the importance of living a positive and content life with peace of mind.

This acceptance in society supports individuals who want to make a change, an important milestone for our generation.


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