What If: Chloe Moretz And Brooklyn Beckham Get Married?

Chloë Grace Moretz, American actress and model and Brooklyn Beckham, first child of famous footballer David Beckham, have been dating since the two met at Paris Fashion Week in 2014. 

Their relationship has continued to bloom ever since, despite some original speculation of being on-again off-again. It would seem the couple are now as serious and committed to each other as ever. This leaves us asking, what would their marriage look like?

Protecting their assets – Prenuptial Agreements

As of June 2017, Chloë was estimated as being worth $12 million, a fortune she would most likely wish to protect through the use of a prenup. Figures put Brooklyn at $8 million, excluding any assets he shares with his siblings and parents, Victoria and David Beckham.

Depending on the jurisdiction in which a marriage is entered into, prenuptial agreements are not always enforceable. In England, Brooklyn’s home country, for instance, it is at the discretion of a judge to find a prenup valid, although the court will be more likely to do so if it has been entered into with both parties having consulted independent lawyers, the agreement not manifestly disadvantaging either party, and the terms being reasonable in the circumstances. Regardless, as both Brooklyn and Chloe currently live in the United States they could easily be married there. In Californian state law – where Chloe lives – prenups can be upheld in court with a degree of certainty not possible in the UK. Most of the wealth of the couple has been generated in the period before their relationship and therefore, it is likely a prenuptial agreement would be entered into to ensure both parties protect their hard-earned assets.

What’s in a name?

Both Beckham and Moretz have undoubtedly succeeded at achieving name recognition, and it is likely they would both wish to keep their current last name so as to maintain that recognition. Having separate last names and both parties keeping their last name has become increasingly common and would not require any additional legal steps.

Home Sweet Home

Upon getting married, most couples will soon have a designated ‘marital home’ which is the house they choose to live in and spend the majority of their time at.  This can change throughout the marriage as the couple moves homes or even countries. As Moretz is also located in L.A., it is likely they would choose a property located in Los Angeles, perhaps even Moretz’ current $3.4 million home. Whether the property gets written into the aforementioned prenuptial agreements will depend entirely on Moretz’ lawyers.

At the young ages of 21 (Chloë) and 19 (Brooklyn) the couple do not need to be in any rush to get married and seem to be enjoying their current relationship together. Nonetheless, if they do decide to tie the knot in the future, it will be crucial they consider their individual assets and brands in case the marriage sours down the road.

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