Infographic: Managing The Challenges Of The Lockdown

In these unprecedented times, many of us have been left facing uncertainty and struggling to adapt to new arrangements. This is particularly the case with family law-related issues, which can be complex and fraught with conflict at the best of times. As we attempt to navigate this challenging period and establish a new normal, many new issues will need to be addressed, both during the lockdown and as we begin to emerge from it.

Child contact issues

In times such as these, we all instinctively want to keep our families close and ensure they are safe. Despite government guidance that children should be able to travel between the homes of separated parents, the lockdown has left many parents in dispute over contact arrangements and in some cases, parents have been unable to see their children for long periods.

If you are in this situation, or if you are unsure about your obligations in complying with an existing court order and need to speak to a specialist, contact us to book a free consultation with a family solicitor. 

Changes to your financial situation

With many facing unemployment or loss of salary as a result of company closures, those involved in divorce proceedings may be feeling uncertain about the effect of their changing financial situation. Many others may be concerned about paying or receiving child maintenance at the same level. For confidential advice, book a free consultation with a family solicitor.

Domestic violence

Whilst lockdown is difficult for everyone, for those in an abusive relationship being trapped at home carries much more serious implications. Sadly, reports of domestic violence are on the rise. If you are concerned about controlling or abusive behaviour, you can book a confidential, free consultation with a family solicitor to understand your legal options. You may also find some helpful information and resources in our video interview on coping with an abusive partner during lockdown:


Divorce can be an incredibly difficult step at the best of times; many who are considering this step may feel trapped and unable to take action while the lockdown continues.

Despite the lockdown, the family courts are still operational and accepting new petitions. For those already in proceedings, many hearings are taking place remotely via telephone conference, or on paper.

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