No. 1 Cause Of Divorce Is Jogging Bottoms?

Eva Mendes declares sweatpants lead to divorce

EvaHollywood Star Eva Mendes has caused  furore by saying that sweatpants, or jogging bottoms as we know them in the UK, are the number one cause of divorce in America.

The glamourous star gave an interview about her personal style to in which described her style as feminine before going on to say that she avoid sweatpants, branding them the number 1 cause of divorce.

“You can’t do sweatpants… ladies, number one cause of divorce in America, sweatpants, no!”

The comment caused a storm of criticim across social media.  So much so, in fact, that both Mendes and her long-term partner Ryan Gosling took to Instagram and Twitter respectively to emphasise that the comments had been made in jest.

But is there any truth behind the statement?  Perhaps.


We’ve looked at numerous statistical studies of the reasons behind divorce and the same few reasons come up again and again:

  • disagreements about money
  • adultery
  • addiction
  • growing apart as people

Nowhere does it say sweatpants!  That’s because rather than being a cause of marital problems, sweatpants can be a symptom.  Or just a pair of comfortable trousers.

Every couple is different and for some the donning of sweatpants rather than smart attire may symbolise the relationship has moved from the brand new ‘honeymoon’ phase into a comfortable, relaxed partnership.  Equally, for some other couples the sweatpants may symbolise that they’ve given up on trying to look good for a partner, are bored in the relationship and make little effort any more.  And for some couples the sweatpants are simply the most practical, comfortable option for decorating, lounging round the house or running errands.

What we’re trying to say is that every relationship is unique and a thing that may spell disaster in one may mean something completely different in another.  And just like relationships, every divorce is unique too.


When it comes to divorce there is no one-size-fits-all approach (unlike some very stretchy sweatpants).  That’s why we give each of our clients sensitive, tailor-made, non-judgemental legal advice on the divorce process and securing the best deal in terms of finances or children.  So don’t be afraid to approach us for a free, no-obligation, initial consultation.  We will find out about your individual situation and advise you what your next steps should be to move forward into the future.

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